Pole Dancing Classes: Wear comfortable, form-fitting shorts and a tank or bra top so the skin can grip to the pole.  Leggings or joggers are great for the warm up.  In beginner level classes you can wear cropped leggings but after your first few lessons you will want to wear shorts so your thighs can grip the pole.  Wear appropriate undergarments, as the pole tends to shift clothing.  

We dance with bare feet. Alternatively you can wear leather ballet slippers or Bleyer rhythmic gymnastic shoes. Heels can be worn once you are comfortable with your technique on the pole.

Body Conditioning Classes: Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.  



It is very IMPORTANT that you do not apply moisturiser, fake tan, or oil to your skin on the day of your class.  This will cause you to slide off the pole which could be dangerous.  

Please remove any rings or other jewellery that may catch on or scratch the pole.