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To attend this class you must be able to invert comfortably. You will already be able to perform a wide range of inverted tricks and spins confidently and with good technique, including a Shoulder Mount, Extended Butterfly and Chopper.  

You will explore exciting new inverted tricks, progressing to more complex combinations, power moves and flexibility-based skills. You will also build on your skills with more challenging spins, transitions, tricks, floor and flow work.

If you are new to Indigo, you may be asked to attend a Pole Practice session first for an assessment on your ability level.

Your class is held at the same time each week continuously unless you cancel your membership.

There will be a maximum of 8 people in this class. No sharing poles so you have the ultimate pole experience!

Classes last 1 hour.

You must be 16 years or older to attend this class. Ages 16-17 must have parental/guardian consent.

What to expect from a typical class:
- The class starts with a 10 minute warm up.
- We will run through conditioning to help build your strength.
- Building on moves from the previous week. You will also be taught a few new tricks, spins flow sequence or combination moves.
- The class will finish with a cool down.

- 14 days notice to cancel your membership.
- If unable to attend a class please remove yourself from the class at least 2 hours before your class start time. This will add a credit to your account. You will then be assigned 2 months to use the credit on a Catch Up Class. If you know you'll be away feel free to remove yourself as early as you like to allow for Drop In bookings.