Hello, my name is India. I began pole dancing in 2011 and it’s truly gotten into my blood. Now, when I’m not dancing… I’m thinking about dancing!  I have been hooked from the very start.  Before I started pole dancing I used to go to the gym once or twice a week, but each session felt like a tedious chore. I decided I needed a change, I wanted to find a different, more exciting way to keep fit, something that I could look forwards to....that's when I discovered pole dancing.  For me pole dancing is the perfect blend of dance and sport, two of my great passions in life!  I love all aspects of pole, but most of all I love how each individual can make it their own and express themselves freely.

As a PDC Approved (3 star) Instructor I represent the highest level of professionalism and teaching quality within the pole fitness industry. I am also qualified as a grading assessor. Click here to see article on India written by PDC.


I am proud to be trained by XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness. It is an award winning program and is one of the largest Pole & Aerial teacher training programs worldwide.

Pole theatre uk 2015

Pole theatre uk 2015


Please feel free to take a look at what I've been up to over the past few years to get me to where I am today.

Pole CV


January - Online judge for The Yorkshire Pole Championships.


27th Nov - 2nd December - Performed aerial hoop in Goldilocks & The Three Bears Panto, Beverley Memorial Hall.

22nd September - Aerial Hoop & Pole performance/demonstration at The Barns East Yorkshire.

26th August - Pole performed at the Hornsea Biker Event.


29th April - Judged a pole dance competition for The Roses Tournament, an annual sports competition between Lancaster University and the University of York.

17th June - Opened Indigo Studios, home to Indigo Pole Dance & Fitness

19th November - Completed Xpert Children's Pole & Aerial Training (inc Safeguarding Children & young people)



20th/21st February - Completed Xpert Pole Fitness Level 3&4 certification

18th March - Became a PoleSafe approved instructor with PoleSafe Federation

15th March - Started teaching Pole Dance at Base Fitness, Beverley

13th-15th April - Completed 3 Day First Aid at Work Course with Health and Safety Training Services, Hull

19th May - Attended Alex Shchukin's Workshops (Pole Artistry & Tricks Combos/transitions Advanced) at Pole Addictz Dance & Fitness Academy, Scunthorpe

20th May -  Attended Alex Shchukin's Workshops (Tricks and Combos/Transitions Static & Spinny Pole Intermediate) at A Pole New Adventure, Sheffield

11th June - Won 1st place (Performance Professional) at The Yorkshire Pole Championships 

29th October - Guest Performer at Black Flamingo Pole Dance Cabaret Show



31st January - Overall Winner at Pole Theatre UK Amateur competition

7th February - Won 1st place (Advanced Experienced Amateur) at Lincolnshire Pole Championships 2015

13th February - Attended Sarah Scott's workshops at Studio Boutique, Hull (Powerful Pole and Mobility)

7th & 8th March - Attended Casc-Ade Camp with Sarah Scott, Karen Chaundy and Kirsty Griffiths.  At Benefit Pole & Aerial Dance Studios. Lyrical/Float above the floor pole, Handstand clinic, Werk the Twerk, Spin Pole, Bendy Wendy Flexibility, Static Spins, Powerful Pole, Mobility and Recovery.

19th April - Attended Middle Split Madness Workshop at The Yoga Lounge, Hull

16th/17th May - Completed Xpert Pole Fitness Level 1&2 certification

15th May - Pole dance performance at Black Flamingo Pole Dance Cabaret Show

13th June - Attended Annalisa Muresu workshop at Pole XS, Lincoln

13th July - Attended Lisette Krol Pole Flow and Choreography Workshop at Pole Position, York

8th August - Attended Jess Leanne Norris' workshop at Pole XS, Lincoln

29th August - Attended Yvonne Sminks' workshops (Dynamic tricks and drops /Grip and flips) at Benefit Pole & Aerial Dance Studios, Rossington

20th September - Private training with Charlotte Robertson at Urban Circus, Ripon

December - Level 2 Exercise to Music (ETM) qualification.  



30th May -  Pole dance performance at Black Flamingo Pole Dance Cabaret Show

30th August - Attended Lucy Webster's workshop at Studio Boutique, Hull (Deadlifts, Twisted grip lifts, Around the world shoulder mounts and Table top variations)

5th November - Completed First Aid in the office and studio training

6th December - Attended Emma Coffey's workshop at Studio Boutique, Hull.  Flips, Drops and Power Transitions



9th March - Pole dance performance at Dance Dynamic - An Evening of Burlesque. The Meyers Club, Hull

17th March - Silver pole dance exam. Passed with distinction

8th November - Won 'Best Routine'  and 'Miss Trixter at Studio Boutique's Pole Pageant, Hull



25th November - Bronze pole dance exam.  Passed with distinction

14th December  - Pole dance performance at Dance Dynamic Cabaret Evening, Hull



2nd June - I started my pole journey