Pole dancing at Indigo is a great way to keep fit, and develop strength and flexibility.  Here you can learn a unique set of skills, make friends and have lots of fun!

Indigo offers a safe and comfortable environment that caters to all walks of life, offering expert tuition, developing your skills as far as you want to take them.  Whether it be to simply keep fit or to help you work towards the next pole dancing competition. 


Students with little or no dancing experience are welcome, as are experienced dancers.

Don't be put off if you think you have no upper body strength.  You will be given gentle strength training exercises which will help towards building those strong, toned arms.  If you stick at it you will impress yourself with what you can achieve!

You must be 18 years or over to attend Indigo. There is no upper age limit!



NEW POLE DANCE CLASS (Intermediate level) starts 3rd November!

Space now available on Tuesdays 8.30pm beginners class. Contact me to book your place.


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11:00am-12:30pm             £40 per person

JESS will cover all her Latest tricks including her signatures. 
Jess will cover moves for All levels, confidently knowing that everyone will go away learning/achieving something new.

JLN Workshop with UK Pole Champion 2011 & 2015!!!

JESS LEANNE NORRIS has been teaching the Art of Pole since 2008. Pole is her Passion and she is equally as passionate about sharing her knowledge. 
Jess has trained many many students and instructors from all over the UK and Internationally inc; France, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, America & Australia!! 

Jess will cover stretching techniques to increase flexibility along with strength building exercises. 
Cover grace, poise and elegance entering/exiting tricks & transitions. 
Depending on requirements Jess can advise on choreography. 

Jess' aim is to push you to your limits whilst keeping the session fun and informative. 
She Wants to Bring Out the BEST in You!!


Please contact me to book your place






1:00-2:30pm   £40 per person

This workshop caters for every person at any level from beginners who have not done much stretching to those who are more advanced and pushing there flexibility more extreme.
Every individual person will be pushed to there own flexibility level. 

In this workshop you will learn lots of new stretching techniques to stretch out every part of the body. 
Each person will be individually challenged to get into new contortion poses. 
You will leave with more knowledge on how to stretch safely and with new techniques that you can use at home.

No pole work included in this workshop.